I observe, I listen and now, I express.

First post in 2016 and I know I have to do it (despite the long procrastination and all the until-I’m-ready mentality that has been haunting me all along).

So here I am, drafting and definitely going to press the “Publish” button hereafter, knowing that I’ll never be ready enough to start writing the perfect first blog post that fulfils all the criteria in “Writing 101” or “The proper essay structure” or free from grammar mistakes (screw all the how-to!).


You probably would ask (or maybe not of your concern, but please bear with me). It’s just a simple reason: from the planning-type to action-type. Being justified and convinced by some of the popular beliefs / advices floating around these days – “spring into action resolves procrastination” and “what matters is the present moment”, together these two beliefs are what driving me in doing what I’m doing now at this moment.

And so now… What’s next?

What I’m going to include in this post will be the following 3:

  1. The purpose of this blog – What I perceive this blog to deliver and cover the thing I want to record.
  2. What my current 3-5 values and beliefs are – “Current” because I’m an advocate of the theory of impermanence.
  3. The changes that I’m looking forward to, that I want to see in my life.

and so,

As boring as it could sound… Why I consider starting a blog entry

There are millions of things I want to write or inform the world through my words about everything that’s related to me (After all we human are in some way narcissist and self-centered), but I want to simplify and have a focus before I’m able to develop the structure of my blog into some shape that I like.

So as a starting point:

This blog is to record my journey as a life explorer.

There’s a goal I’d die for to stay put and hold on to that in my life – to stay open-minded, which also mean holding back with judgments because everything is impermanent! By fixing myself with unnecessary principles / self-perception I’ll lose more than I could ever imagine.

Please note that I don’t mean I’ll be someone who has no principle, but rather all the unnecessary rules / principles that we all set to limit ourselves from so many possibilities. Values and ethical beliefs are still priority in my life, especially some moral values that I will never tolerate for anything else in my life. These will be the main reference point in determining anything that I will pursue in my life. There’re some things that no means no.

With all that in mind, this blog will be the platform for me to record everything during the journey in exploring any idea or experience in all aspects in my life.

and next, 3-5 values and beliefs

  • This has been mentioned above – Open-mind advocating the theory of impermanence.

I’ll discover my own principle and direction, ditching those “suppose-to-achieve” ideation widespread by “don’t-know-who”.  This guy has a good point – don’t trust anyone under 500.

Due to increasing convenience of expressing one’s viewpoint and reaching traffic, The internet has transformed the our behavior of pursuing the truth and knowledge to be based on popularity rather than the extent of truth itself. In other words, the more people agreeing with your idea, the more likely it’ll be the “truth” to most audience. I believe most of us are being guilty of spreading / agreeing with some notion merely because the author writes something that agree with our own beliefs (this sentence sounds like an infinite loop by the way). How many actually practice critical thinking and putting in extra effort to analyse the content to seek the truth in our reading process?

  • Minimalism – not just possession but mentality and focus in life as well. I’m greedy always trying to achieve more but ended up not being great at anything. Goals, health and thoughts are all applicable in minimalism (or maybe this is just an excuse for my over-simplified brain that seem to not favour complications, I don’t know to be honest).
  • Serve with authenticity, be vulnerable and truthful to self – whatever venture that I will be pursuing I want to be able to make positive impact and serve others, with my best. No matter what I will be pursuing, I want to be honest and truthful to myself,  clear about the purpose of me doing it.

and these are what I can think of now. Till then, bye!

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