Couldn’t help thinking about this one book while I was revisiting another book recently. Two books, of different categories, by a different author, in different writing styles, targeting at different reader groups.

Well, maybe serving the same purpose – or rather different as well…

“Tuesday with Morrie” that is. Re-read this book for multiple times, all of which never fail to awe me. But this time round, I couldn’t help reminding myself of the book “Daring Greatly” by Brene Brown.

Remembered how I came across the idea of vulnerability via a stimulating TED talk by Brene Brown, one of the few inspiring moment that introduce a fresh perspective of how I perceive myself with daring value.

On the other hand, Morrie – the daring, great man who didn’t feel ashamed by the most natural process of human he had to go through during his last stages of life, who take the weakness shown by his body as something as natural as birth. Admitting the vulnerability of himself even with his high reputation as a professor. He wasn’t feeling sorry for himself of the illness he had to go through especially in front of his peers, students, even in front of the nationals through TV shows.

What strikes me thinking is that we human take the process of birth and growth not being equal with getting ill and dying, even though these are part of the natural processes throughout our life. The mindset of the society is showing glorious part of life and hiding negative emotions and feeling – something that we’re taught to feel ashamed of.

and not only being optimistic, Morrie is able to be open about negative emotions that visited him occasionally:

  • He didn’t hide the weakness – willing to admit the helplessness he felt from time to time.
  • He didn’t hide the feeling of worrisome, fear that he had – after all, no one is a saint ? why hide the feeling to mask the fear and show only the superior side of ownself? These are the trends accelerated by the social medias nowadays.
  • It’s normal for all these emotional weaknesses that we have as a human , that’s a process of experiencing life.
  • Without negative experience, without the weakness , without admitting the undesirable side of us , who can truly experience life the way we should have?

The flow of positivity is everywhere nowadays, especially with the transformation of digital journalism, posts, and blogs about the right emotion management that we should have. So we have a ‘good’ and bad’ definition for our emotions, feelings and thoughts – defined by these write-ups that teach us the right emotions that we should have; and we’re feeling ashamed whenever we acknowledge that those negative emotions arise within us.

I’m not saying that we should ignore all the negative emotions and embrace them with celebration. The point is – should we accept these more openly and naturally, acknowledging that no one will be perfect and full of positive aspects throughout his/her life, we’ll be more honest with ourselves and take everything we encounter in life with different perspectives.

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